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Dissabte 22/01 19:30h Sala BARTS
Funció cancel·lada

***ATENCIÓ: Lamentem comunicar que, per un accident esdevingut a l'artista, l'espectacle de Hannah Gadsby Body of Work previst a BARTS el 22 de gener de 2022, s'ha hagut de suspendre

A note to our customers.

Unfortunately, Hannah has hurt herself in an accident and while she will be fine, she is unable to travel to the shows this weekend. She is keen to be back on stage and we will be in touch on Tuesday with information on the rescheduled shows. We apologize for the inconvenience; Hannah has been looking forward to performing in Barcelona and can’t wait to get back to do the show.

Previously purchased tickets will be totally refunded.

We’ll be in contact next week with news about the date and the venue to all the customers who still wish to attend the show.

Thank you for your comprehension,

A Comic Soul***  
In 2018 the global sensation and ground breaking Netflix special Nanette really changed things for Hannah. She won an Emmy and a Peabody. After that a lot  of people (heaps actually) started paying attention to what she had to say. Opportunities came a knocking, but Hannah decided to stick with what she loves and couldn’t quit stand up comedy.
So, in 2019 she wrote and toured the critically acclaimed Douglas from Helsinki to Washington DC and everywhere in between, culminating in recording the show for Netflix in Los Angeles in February 2020, just in time for well...the rest of 2020. The year that was like no other saw Hannah bunkering down in her homeland, Australia, sheltering
from a global pandemic and pondering what was next.
That ponder is now a show. A brand new live show. One could say it’s a new body of work. Couldn’t one?

*Els menors de 16 anys han d'anar acompanyats per un tutor legal o un adult que se’n faci responsable. Imprescindible presentar l’autorització de menors (veure documents adjunts) degudament impresa i complimentada. 

** Un cop comprades les localitats, no es permeten canvis ni devolucions.  

Dissabte 22/01 19:30h Sala BARTS
Funció cancel·lada
Estils: Monòlegs, Teatre
Idioma: Anglès / Inglés / English

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